Who We Are

California Advisors, LLC is one of the premier lobbying firms in Sacramento. Our extensive legislative, regulatory, and budget expertise in the areas of tech, energy, transportation, local government, air quality and the environment uniquely qualifies us to represent your interests.

Founding partners, Delaney Hunter and Will Gonzalez, understood that by combining their more than 40 years of collective experience in the State Capitol and related arenas that they would create a firm that was greater than the sum of its parts. And it is. California Advisors, LLC, has become one of the most successful minority and woman-owned firms in the state. Today, we are honored to represent clients that span from Fortune 500 companies to start ups, local governments to trade associations and a wide variety of interests in between.

Our Team

Laura Bennett



Will Gonzalez



Delaney Hunter

Managing Partner

Ross Buckley



McKinley Thompson-Morley



Matt Klopfenstein


Our Philosophy

Our clients can attest to the fact that California Advisors, LLC is strategic and innovative in its approach and that we tell our clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.

We utilize a team-driven philosophy in which every lobbyist understands your needs and can utilize his or her own unique relationships and abilities to help you achieve your goals. This approach allows the members of our advocacy team to draw on their diverse, bipartisan backgrounds to achieve success for those we represent in Sacramento.

It is our view that working cooperatively with your team in the development of your key objectives will ensure that our team can exceed your expectations. Our goal is not to simply become your outside consultants; our goal is to become integral members of your team whose skillsets, combined with those of your staff, advance your mission.

Legislative Advocacy

As the year progresses, we interface directly on your behalf with policy and decision-makers as we monitor legislation that could impact you. Should the opportunity arise to become a negotiating stakeholder of a bill that is moving through the Legislature, we can craft bill language or provide feedback on your drafts. We will also make sure that your voice is heard and that you have a seat at the table. Finally, in addition to face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers, we will implement a range of communication techniques, including, but not limited to, printed position papers or verbal testimony to be presented before legislative bodies.

Regulatory Advocacy

Policy making doesn’t end with the signing of a bill. An agency’s or department’s policy implementation decisions can seriously impact your bottom line. Because of our expertise in a multitude of issue areas and our decades of experience with the implementation of thousands of pieces of legislation, we are able to anticipate future regulatory issues that could arise from any given piece of legislation. And as we track regulatory proceedings, we utilize our relationships with key decision-makers, as necessary and appropriate within those proceedings, to ensure that you achieve the maximum level of success.


Political Consulting

California Advisors, LLC can show you how best to engage politically with elected officials or candidates. We maintain a network of consultants including campaign consultants, fundraisers, direct mail houses and media specialists who can assist you with the development and implementation of the right strategy for any type of political activity.

Strategic Counsel

Sometimes a strategy might be as simple as holding a few meetings with a list of key individuals. Other times a strategy could be a complex series of carefully orchestrated and timed events, one leading to the next like a row of dominos. Regardless of the complexity of the strategy, we have the experience and vision that is essential to avoid pitfalls and to seize opportunities. Our team will work with you to meticulously chart a clear path forward. The most successful organizations are those with access to the best information and the discipline to use that information to their advantage. We can help.

How to Reach Us

915 L Street, Suite 1270
Sacramento, CA 95814




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